Monday, September 3, 2018

For sale "the new soft"

The old conquistador bear of boundaries who blew sheep over with a look is giving way to a younger bear with a soft blanket on it's head.

8x10. Acrylic, watercolor and inks
$150 on paper ready to pop into frame

Payment through PayPal who accepts cc without joining.

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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Art for sale "Caliente ~ Feel it to Heal it"

Staying open in love
The Effi mah  heart
Perpetually renewing
The watch out for me dog
bluebird of happiness
hot pepper
what lurks in the shadow to be felt and forgiven

8 x 10 on watercolor paper
$150 unframed

Paypal can be done with credit card.  Email me

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Old Friends

My Old Friends

Let us pretend we are still so close

three fiddlers vibrating

raising the hairs

from our chins.

Heads tucked in closely,

a supra divine trilogy



"Castle Kelly."

One for the Age - O.

Some may have thought it would

last forever,

that we would have

another chance

to play in our sweet trio.

Hearts aglow

love a flowing.

I can still

hear the ringing

from this moment

two years ago.

May this moment last forever

in my Mind

of this time so dearly granted.

I now spring

from where



The Holidays are Coming

The holidays are coming

the goose is getting fat

Please put four dollars in

the old man's hat.

I  paint, musician, writer

I will not be denied

nor will be unemcombered


the feelings by and by.

So much of clouded beingness

I've birthed by to be apt

born with fifth strand



for certain tho' entact.

Come ancient, solid certainty

transform me by and by

into that far sought bliss be

I will not be denied.

So fair, white rainbow wind blown

through wilted, stilted throat

continue please

and ever wipe

the fibers from my moat

of fallen chemtrail poisons.

Be still you halted dwarf whack

you will not win the sacredness

of Nomi's that can float.

Preparing last month's portratuire

of Yhu Rha Dha infused

to hang for all the holidays

and keep mine all amused.

I dally dainty paint straubs

where Liebestruam is played

I'm jolly, holly holidazed

and still firmly bemused.

Come ancient foreign solitude

Come be here by my side

Come loving arms of sanctity

come love me by and by.


I love peering inside


outside my studio.

So much of me and my divinity

in color,



Computer, printers, piano, drums

once a goal of seven paintings

blossomed into

one huge





twenty-one years.