Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sacred hoop tea party painting preparation

Imagine a world.a painting that invites you into it and then reflects back unconditional acceptance.acknowledement and appreciation.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Every painting is a leap

Finished with two birthing pushes this morn....overcoming a couple detours of what I thought I saw...then I remembered the paintings are about invitation .to people who view and to nature


prints will be available eventually on Society6 after varnishing xo

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bucket Lists, hot air balloons and parachutes

how many kinds of olives are there?

how many kinds of honey bees?

how many kinds of pine trees?

different looking icelandic sheepdogs!

these are things i would like to find out and put in some of my paintings.
i decided Not to do the 144 panels i was after.  I changed my mind.  I found a more self loving, gentler way about doing my art.  I was thinking 144 to get myself on track of which kind of materials would I use?  what is the easiest, deepest, conservationist, soonest to hang way to do my painting.

i also discovered i may wish to cram images into some paintings and on others be more simplistic, almost nearly all white even.

I would rather now, not have the pressure to finish one painting a week for three years.  tho maybe without the added pressure i was putting on myself i might even do more?

we will see :)

you are welcome to come fly into my paintings xo

I am teaching myself about how to fly into my paintings inspired by self love, gentleness and grace.

"the key is being open to loving ourselves.  Once we do that, life casually takes care of the next steps."     Kamal Ravikant


Irish, Italian, Slovakian, Swiss/ Pennsylvania Dutch German

Saturday, March 29, 2014

the spaces between the atoms are what continue

We cannot necessarily grace within the tissues of the body or  the patterns that are in there, some layers still frozen need healing but we can grace the space between the cells in between the atoms of our being and make that new and from that place we can fly through my paintings because this place of being is what we take with us when we transition. this is an eternal body.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Finding a new perspective

There comes a time when enough healing and change has occurred that the perspective literally changes the way one looks at things.  For instance, sitting in a chair that I have sat in for 14 years and not ever let my vision go beyond a certain point out the window and then one day I do