Sunday, September 10, 2017

What does art do?

Art is about sharing an artist's nervous system. The nervous system picks up what is from the immediate senses and that which is beyond the senses, the extra-sensory systems. These are the aurcladient, the spirit workings, the connection to the super elements which operate beyond time and space. These connect to the eternal workings of consciousness and when embodied act to serve as messengers to the emancipation of the human body.

Why would that matter?

Maybe because there are some people who came here at this time to transmute, re-configure, transfigure into their eternal nature?

Maybe some are transducers; those that through their nervous systems upshift, immaculate and become totally free?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Meat Song by E tobin eckian

the meat song

I eat meat
i like the meat yet i don't like the meat
i mean, i would rather not eat at all
especially not meat.

i see turkey, cow and bison, chicken faces, fish. --------
I know you said it would be alright and you were ok with this
I wish they could see my love for all this giving, mostly of your flesh. So here is chorus giving thanks, my friends and sustenance:

six blue jay calls and a cold february mornin.
the rest of the snow could be taken as a warning
the dogs at my heel and the chicken in the cage
the cat at the door once more, once more.
i love you so much
i wish i could love you more.

Verse 2
Shrimp and lobster, scallops, mussels, baby escargo
chicken, fried, battered, baked and crock pot – tandori on the side
and then i look at vegetables and see some faces too.
mushrooms, romaine, carrots, turnips
sprouts are eaten alive.


Verse 3
Dont even get me started on a pig or a pork, i can not look you in the eye
nor a lamb or a veal chop, no no no thats where i draw the line.
not goat, nor cat, nor horse, nor dog
well, maybe a frog.

Friday, March 10, 2017

no distance

THen all of a sudden in between two breaths I caught my lightness and graced moments into all moment.

I hovered within all time with no distance.

I find my touch stone of feel.