Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Meat Song by E tobin eckian

the meat song

I eat meat
i like the meat yet i don't like the meat
i mean, i would rather not eat at all
especially not meat.

i see turkey, cow and bison, chicken faces, fish. --------
I know you said it would be alright and you were ok with this
I wish they could see my love for all this giving, mostly of your flesh. So here is chorus giving thanks, my friends and sustenance:

six blue jay calls and a cold february mornin.
the rest of the snow could be taken as a warning
the dogs at my heel and the chicken in the cage
the cat at the door once more, once more.
i love you so much
i wish i could love you more.

Verse 2
Shrimp and lobster, scallops, mussels, baby escargo
chicken, fried, battered, baked and crock pot – tandori on the side
and then i look at vegetables and see some faces too.
mushrooms, romaine, carrots, turnips
sprouts are eaten alive.


Verse 3
Dont even get me started on a pig or a pork, i can not look you in the eye
nor a lamb or a veal chop, no no no thats where i draw the line.
not goat, nor cat, nor horse, nor dog
well, maybe a frog.