Friday, October 27, 2017

My Old Friends

My Old Friends

Let us pretend we are still so close

three fiddlers vibrating

raising the hairs

from our chins.

Heads tucked in closely,

a supra divine trilogy



"Castle Kelly."

One for the Age - O.

Some may have thought it would

last forever,

that we would have

another chance

to play in our sweet trio.

Hearts aglow

love a flowing.

I can still

hear the ringing

from this moment

two years ago.

May this moment last forever

in my Mind

of this time so dearly granted.

I now spring

from where



The Holidays are Coming

The holidays are coming

the goose is getting fat

Please put four dollars in

the old man's hat.

I  paint, musician, writer

I will not be denied

nor will be unemcombered


the feelings by and by.

So much of clouded beingness

I've birthed by to be apt

born with fifth strand



for certain tho' entact.

Come ancient, solid certainty

transform me by and by

into that far sought bliss be

I will not be denied.

So fair, white rainbow wind blown

through wilted, stilted throat

continue please

and ever wipe

the fibers from my moat

of fallen chemtrail poisons.

Be still you halted dwarf whack

you will not win the sacredness

of Nomi's that can float.

Preparing last month's portratuire

of Yhu Rha Dha infused

to hang for all the holidays

and keep mine all amused.

I dally dainty paint straubs

where Liebestruam is played

I'm jolly, holly holidazed

and still firmly bemused.

Come ancient foreign solitude

Come be here by my side

Come loving arms of sanctity

come love me by and by.


I love peering inside


outside my studio.

So much of me and my divinity

in color,



Computer, printers, piano, drums

once a goal of seven paintings

blossomed into

one huge





twenty-one years.



Indian bean tree

how I love thee.

Late October

Yew trees

trimmed almost perfectly

NOW on this front porch

and then,

Red Yew berry

from my childhood

held me preciously.


front porch


52 years ago

on Park Avenue, New Castle



How I love you October

close to the end

of a dark rift ending


A new painting


re-embracing blues.

Zinnias and solar symbiosis

Polar bear

and love songs.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Poem - The Loss of a Friend


                                                              The Loss of a Friend

To break the bones of quiet solitude

and rectify what's not

And quell an ancient Herstory

of places I forgot

don't separate my fantasy from

dusty, crushed up stone

I'd rather fly in majesty

and stay within my throne

than subject my selves

to punishment no matter

how unknown.

What fabricated fantasies upon my

lips insured

I'd rather be a butterfly

than something more obscure.

And fly close to the future

as it were coming closer

I drop my worldly cares

and turn into a ghost

of what things seemed to be

which really were quite near

to dirty, tardy playthings

I hung from like a loose

and cast upon a pyre

 of translucent

purple fire.

Oh let my eternal heart

come undone in the

rising of eight suns

from twisted, tightened prophecy

come twirlingly unfurled.

I take new steps from

infancy where I came in

so burled.

I cast upon a funeral  pyre

 of ultra-violet fire.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Art Statement

Composing cosmic landscapes utilizing 'cut-outs', usually three, of prints from sketches to entertain possibilities of life and living.

Often animal "spirit" totems arrive straight away either from sketches or hints in dreams or waking life.  Later on, 'they' show up on own accord.  It is usually up to me whether to keep them or not.

Qualities I encounter are perpetual feelings of love, peace, joy, forgiveness, healing, acceptance, inclusion, freedom, eternity, multiple time experiences at once, everything in one place and more.

Best online sharing for me is :   and hashtag #etobineckian for paintings.


about my work

My primary work focuses on living landscapes. Living, because everything consists of standing scalar waves that flash on and off. They flash here and then they flash elsewhere. I think they flash into another reality somewhere.

 Paintings are living things.

The method I apply to landscapes is to treat space and time as all inclusive. The idea being that all space and time operate together and occur in the same place. It is all in the angle of rotation that allows for things to exist in one place!

This gives me a platform for working within all time and all dimensions at
Once. This allows me to access future and past as simultaneous; the eternal now.

I am keen to the idea of living from this place.  The old is falling away.  What remains is something different, better.

We are living in a very exciting time.

I generally work from three places; here, the future and close to where I came out from original source.  

Sometimes portraits happen and often are re-purposed in new landscapes. Old and new work combine utilizing collage from prints that are re-energized through digital painting and handwork with colored pencils.

Re-assembling images works with my concept of simultaneous time and space.

The paintings generally inform me of where I can heal next.  Often they will not complete themselves until I have undergone some kind of "upshift."  My purpose of incarnating here is about clearing, healing, uncovering, remembering and transfiguring.  The painting allows me do heal and thus de-densify.  

I view my work as sand paintings.  Once they are finished, the work has been done and they can blow away in the wind.  Usually, I do not burn them.  I have made thousands of paintings.  Some have left through burning.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Downstepping our majestic

These images took over six years to come together. The story they tell are about our higher selves coming home to roost.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What does art do?

Art is about sharing an artist's nervous system. The nervous system picks up what is from the immediate senses and that which is beyond the senses, the extra-sensory systems. These are the aurcladient, the spirit workings, the connection to the super elements which operate beyond time and space. These connect to the eternal workings of consciousness and when embodied act to serve as messengers to the emancipation of the human body.

Why would that matter?

Maybe because there are some people who came here at this time to transmute, re-configure, transfigure into their eternal nature?

Maybe some are transducers; those that through their nervous systems upshift, immaculate and become totally free?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Meat Song by E tobin eckian

the meat song

I eat meat
i like the meat yet i don't like the meat
i mean, i would rather not eat at all
especially not meat.

i see turkey, cow and bison, chicken faces, fish. --------
I know you said it would be alright and you were ok with this
I wish they could see my love for all this giving, mostly of your flesh. So here is chorus giving thanks, my friends and sustenance:

six blue jay calls and a cold february mornin.
the rest of the snow could be taken as a warning
the dogs at my heel and the chicken in the cage
the cat at the door once more, once more.
i love you so much
i wish i could love you more.

Verse 2
Shrimp and lobster, scallops, mussels, baby escargo
chicken, fried, battered, baked and crock pot – tandori on the side
and then i look at vegetables and see some faces too.
mushrooms, romaine, carrots, turnips
sprouts are eaten alive.


Verse 3
Dont even get me started on a pig or a pork, i can not look you in the eye
nor a lamb or a veal chop, no no no thats where i draw the line.
not goat, nor cat, nor horse, nor dog
well, maybe a frog.

Friday, March 10, 2017

no distance

THen all of a sudden in between two breaths I caught my lightness and graced moments into all moment.

I hovered within all time with no distance.

I find my touch stone of feel.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017

the Sacred Hoop of "Love Is"

Recipe for Happiness

Sit inside your own Sacred Hoop of Everything

Place yourself in a state of gratitude by appreciating something with all your might

Let that energy extend out to a Circle/Hoop any diameter small or large around you

And allow it to radiate love, gratitude and appreciation back

Moving here still :)

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