Saturday, February 1, 2014

When Dreams Come True

By E. tobin eckian 

   When one makes a painting is it the same or different as creating manifest wishes or intent with one’s own thoughts?  A painting starts out with intention either clarified or not and begins to aggregate as paint molecules to form images.  When a baby is forming it starts with 2 cells which become three which continue multiplying.  When someone makes a wish is it in the same way?  Does the thought of whatever it is coming true multiply and aggregate similarly?

   When a person strikes out to form a dream, a vision or a wish, it all beings with a single thought or is it a feeling I wonder?   A thought process then continues, which is really a string of thoughts made of conscious energy and they begin to aggregate and collect around the idea.

How working with a Painting as the Viewer Can Aid in Manifesting Your Wishes

   How is the making of a painting different or the same in creating manifest dreams?  A painting starts out with some kind of idea, even when the idea might be to just start painting with no agenda.  Or there may be a specific idea or question in mind, such as the asking of “where is my home?”   Either way what begins to happen is paint molecules gather together like a homing beam around the thought intention.

   Nature in the form of animals, land, atoms, even virtues like grace are whom I call to me with my hand and my heart and mind to move like the wind between the spaces of atoms and smaller bits in the painting.  These are the things that come together to create manifest conglomerates, substance, food, a house, a new pair of shoes.  We send out and in the thought and the energy of atoms begin to aggregate around the thought and soon enough the thing appears.

   How the substances of manifest creation appear is what is fun.  Often it comes in a way not planned nor expected like how after two years of thinking it would be great to have some big heavy tires on my car a new set of snow tires leftover from last year’s model came up to be noticed at half the price.

   I believe these forces can be invited to work with paintings.  And that once a painting is done, it continues to ‘house’ lightly these same forces which then can be invited in an a gentle reminder sort of way to assist in yet another’s dream or wish.

   I am happily fascinated with how one supports their energies in creating new manifestations,  whether it is a new painting, money for a project, a new friend to share in life.  Clarity in vision is important.  When we hold seed thoughts the energies can come to support the building of the thought and the eventual full manifestation of that.   Friends, materials, resources begin to come. 

   What are other kinds of helpers maybe not seen readily to the eye?  I have had opportunity to make wishes while including the qualities of nature in the form of elements – conscious wind, earth, water, fire, ether.  I believe they are key in helping to draw energy around a building thought and make manifest that creation. 

   How does a painting have anything to do with manifest reality?   Because of the way it may have been created.  The calling forth of goodness, participating in the dance, and letting the story unfold.

A Painting with Symbology and Wish Intent


      This painting is about Love and the quality of caring, and speaking one's truth.  It also contains within it a wish.  A wish for community, belonging, hearth and home:

 -  The Giraffe -  long neck, long truth, speaks of big things and large dreams.

-   The Fox is keen on keeping a look out for when to be active and pounce.

-   The Woman who is actually a Mermaid holds compassion for all in the process, the waiting, the       timing, and she is keeping balance on her tail.

-   There is an English teapot there, maybe to suggest having tea with friends in a kind and gentle way while keeping the line of communication open with all that is can be helpful.

There are also a bunch of peaches symbolizing abundance and prosperity.  The group of friends here are all together singing in a sort of way.  They are singing in support of abundance and of dreaming.  The giraffe has for many years come back to me as an important image with the spirit of the animal guiding me.  The long neck symbolizes as the term goes “to stick out one’s neck”.   This means to reach a bit.  The giraffe stretches its long and neck and also its very long tongue to reach the leaves from the branches of the acacia tree.
   It is important like the Fox knows, to actually go out and make a little pounce on the thing you have been dreaming about.  This is really is the How and the When dreams come true. 

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