Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tobin Art - What is the Value of this Art I Create for You?

I do not sell my Art.  I sell the idea, the value and the mission of what my art is about.  When you purchase a small watercolor, a larger panel or imprints from Fine Art America or Society6  what you are really buying is an anchor into the best version of future now - with a gentler experience of time.  This literally radiates and flashes on and off like a standing wave opening space for more grace, love, trust, peace, comfort, joy, humor and ease to exist.

In my work I am using known and new structures and shapes and old and new ideas.  I have one foot in the Future as I paint because I access it through  recognizing it as I place I have been and that continues to be.

I have spent my life learning how to heal myself (largely through making art)  and becoming one with my art materials so they are like an extension of my body and spirit.  They flow out of me like my emotions of love and care, concern and best wishes and intentions for all living things.

 I tend to paint animals and other things in landscapes that have the ability to trigger upliftment!!

There is a certain type of feeling  through my work that gets transferred either through touch or the eyes and brings an awareness of a time line, a sense of time that is nearly timeless and patient.  Patience in the way of waiting no matter how long it takes to let go of the past and trust about standing naked, non attached to thoughts or things anymore.  And in this standing, this stance, there is still a buoyancy that overcomes the emptiness of letting go.  It is what I call grace.  And it does take trust.  And my paintings are symbols or little hands to hold in order to safely give away that which does not serve.

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