Saturday, January 11, 2014

more taking care "I've got you"

   Last month while pulling out pins of a doll I made that I thought was a pin cushion, I realized  "Not a pin cushion!"   Like a voodoo doll I had installed my own pain through unawareness of my beauty and strength, truth, wisdom and love.  Those incriminating thought forms that occur so quickly as to seem normal, going unnoticed or maybe not caring enough?  I had made this doll from hand dyed silk and silk batting over 18 years ago.  She represented my future self, the caring aspect that holds the best intentions and closest degrees of movement within my eternal self.  Embracing the beauty of my being has been an ongoing process, maybe the only process I am here to do?  Here is a close up of a painting called "Woman of the Wind"  that I painted as I was pulling out the pins of self inflicted pain.

taking care of myself

being still in the stillness.  I am acclimating to the new year and the past holiday activity, the past of my life, the snow, the ice, the new paintings emerging like pieces of glacier breaking off from ancient giant chunks.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

art - a spiritual self expression, artifacts of an inner journey

i continue on.   let the focus be paint.  images. journey.

i have 5 paintings calling my name right now.