Friday, November 15, 2013

How I find out whether something is working or not

Whether it be a painting or another project I find out whether it works for me not by just thinking about it.  Thinking is fine, although there has to usually be some hands on for me to find out.

I get ideas for jewelry and mobiles every so often and I have spent considerable time thinking about them.  THen I begin the hands on component...and usually it fizzles out.  WHy?  because I think it is not the best value use of my time.  Painting is.  THats why I keep coming back to it.

Why do I spend so much time learning and playing music?  Because it opens me and frees me and elevates my energy so I can be a better person and painter.  And teaching piano and performing in Newburyport gets me out with people and enhances my life with love.  And people get to know me and say, "oh, she is a painter."

Why do I make my own dresses, well, skirts?  Because I can, and it fits in with left over paint and undyed fabric which is good because that means no toxic chemicals are getting dumped in CHina's water sources and Thailand and other places.  And i have to have something to wear over my tights.

Today is Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday (November 15, 1887).


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