Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Process, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

gaining momentum i connect to what i know.  you might not know what i know and i might not say enough
about it, so....please ask me for more information if you would like it by making a comment on this blog.

I am finding my way with maps from journeys and sketches I have done on Median Earth and some other islands.  I bring my friends, the elementals (paladoir white horse, Haah-tUR kitty, plalsma chicken,  guardian elephant) to invite Connection -  an earth element, chakra 9, silver, appreciation, attention, acknowledgement and allowance. {stay tuned for a new website called "aurora earth"  that describes more about these kinds of things).  xo

from here, maybe i will make some 'babies' smaller panels that include the elementals in cameo positions.

I would like to buy an heat press and make small soft dolls from them also. (ps, i DID get a heat press.  Then I had to buy a new part for it, since although it was sold as NEW seemed like it was not --- so finally after months and months I am planning on rejuvenating my tshirt business - YES i used to have an actual TSHIRT shop right in the GAlleria in HARVARD sq, Cambridge. well as a handpainting of tshirt biz.....Now i am gearing up for children's shirts with
some of my animal illustrations and paintings)

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