Friday, March 22, 2013


ele by tobin eckian
ele, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

24 x 24 i am feeling the most freedom working on this thin birch panel.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

with nimbus

withnimbus2 by tobin eckian
withnimbus2, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

animals and elements and elementals are so important to me in my art world.

Friday, March 15, 2013


#workstation by tobin eckian
#workstation, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

Excited to be working on new 24 x 24 inch birch panel (thin thin thin easy to frame). and happy to report my wrist has recovered from over drumming and my gums are less sensitive (too much activity with new electric toothbrush) ~ so I am back to practicing Irish Fiddle again! - and going to see Kevin Burke in Dover, NH this next weekend to study and play with in session.

Also, new dolls from my art work seem to be making a good appearance ~ very excited about that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Process, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

gaining momentum i connect to what i know.  you might not know what i know and i might not say enough
about it, so....please ask me for more information if you would like it by making a comment on this blog.

I am finding my way with maps from journeys and sketches I have done on Median Earth and some other islands.  I bring my friends, the elementals (paladoir white horse, Haah-tUR kitty, plalsma chicken,  guardian elephant) to invite Connection -  an earth element, chakra 9, silver, appreciation, attention, acknowledgement and allowance. {stay tuned for a new website called "aurora earth"  that describes more about these kinds of things).  xo

from here, maybe i will make some 'babies' smaller panels that include the elementals in cameo positions.

I would like to buy an heat press and make small soft dolls from them also. (ps, i DID get a heat press.  Then I had to buy a new part for it, since although it was sold as NEW seemed like it was not --- so finally after months and months I am planning on rejuvenating my tshirt business - YES i used to have an actual TSHIRT shop right in the GAlleria in HARVARD sq, Cambridge. well as a handpainting of tshirt biz.....Now i am gearing up for children's shirts with
some of my animal illustrations and paintings)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ready for next step of. #elementals in landscapes

I keep coming back to landscapes and using images of animals and beings as elementals as connectors. This is true in my Life in general. I connect to the elementals and the elements to co create and make happen dreams.