Monday, December 30, 2013

how i paint...

my thumb is a bit sore, my bowing thumb.  the one i use to push against the strings of the bow to apply extra pressure,  that i learned from eamon coyne. a trick. a tricky trick by a master fiddler.

then, while hand scraping red potatoes for a rosemary lamb bake on christmas, a piece of spud got up under my nail.  its still red. under the

i Was planning to go to the Port Tavern session tonight.  after Len's birthday party.  and then

little signposts...saying...slow down?  your thumb still hurts ya know.

and you have those 2 paintings to finish.

and this time of year folks are clearing out their energy blankets around them from the Jollidays.

Its ok, Tob - if you wanna stay in tonight. (and the air seems to soften around me and the added pressure deflates like a giant 'should' balloon).

My body gives me little signs all the time on what is best for the All of us.  Even tho I am aware the list above does sound like excuses.  Still, I know whats right for me.

I have a different kind of painting going up in studio right now.  the deer has two sets of eyes.  the first set appeared as bug out eyes, matching the wood grain (how I started the painting to begin with, I couldn't keep my eyes off the 2 circles of woodgrain that were screaming out 'E Y E S!').  So i did them.

And it being the day after Christmas, all the wild energy of cooking, shopping wrapping, unwrapping, breathing, eating, drinking wine, being super excited....well  i think the painting says a lot about it -
"WoW, that was SOME  Christmas!".

Last night while on the phone with my Father and Mother in Pennsylvania I began to pencil in eyes that look rather like a deer mouse.  Two prints spoke up about being glued into the painting:  One the puffer fish UFO ship I have had tacked up in the studio for over a year, and the other, the FIRST and brand new print from my new refurbished Epson 1420 called SING.  

I had wondered whether this was going to be a quick all acrylic painting and now I see it is not.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

reasons for art. i love this. a quote from Hoffberger

Hoffberger has said that “a good museum does more than just have objects that stand there on pedestals. The great ones are all muse-based, connecting viewers to the heart of inspiration.”[9] AVAM's educational goals[10] are another example of the museum's unorthodoxy. They are:
  • Expand the definition of a worthwhile life
  • Engender respect for and delight in the gift of others
  • Increase awareness of the wide variety of choices available in life for all ... particularly students
  • Encourage each individual to build upon his or her own special knowledge and inner strengths
  • Promote the use of innate intelligence, intuition, self-exploration and creative self-reliance
  • Confirm the great hunger for finding out just what each of us can do best, in our own voice, at any age.
  • Empower the individual to choose to do that something really, really well.
These same goals were adopted by The Lower East Side Girls Club when it was founded in 1996.[11]

Friday, December 13, 2013

the new Future POW multimedia event

   What does my art tell us about strong, healthy Painting?

NEW.  Dramatically different.

What art needs is the ability to hold frequency.

Like frequency of the Future....NOW.  

bringing in energy in the form of new ideas from a corridor straight out in front of you and intending it back towards Here.  

Talking Paintings - stories that unfold when a person takes the time to connect

CLick on it to Enlarge

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

are Collectors like Collage Artists?

Is a collector like a collage artist?  instead of working things out on paper, panel or canvas, do some collectors collage their homes with other art?  I am wondering.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The White Horse

I spent over five years working on this piece.  It is an oil.  It is at Chameleon Gallery in Newburyport right now.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thinking about why I paint and how it might matter to You

Nature in the form of animals, land, atoms, even virtues like grace are who I call to me with my hand and my heart and mind to move like the wind between the spaces of atoms and smaller bits in the painting.  These are the things that come together to create manifest conglomerates, substance, food, a house, a new pair of shoes.  We send out and in the thought and the energy of atoms begin to aggregate around the thought...and soon enough sometimes longer....the thing appears.

Now how it appears is what is fun.  Often it comes in a way not planned nor expected.  Sometimes it just plain drops in front of you.  Like my new set of snow tires.  Ok, the wish was sent out over 2 years ago for the tires....there really is no way yet I have been able to do the Math.  The simple reply for all of this is,  Thank You.

Why then would a painting have anything to do with manifest reality?   Because the way it was created was through the exact same intention of working fairly large at times, calling in the goodness of creation, participating in the dance, and letting a story unfold.

For a person to appreciate any one of my paintings would mean they had an inclination to do the same in their own life.  To connect and cull from Nature, to live in appreciation and gratitude of everything, to manifest dreams and desires.  to Love, to be free.

So you and me, are very much alike  - that is, in that you can see and appreciate my marks on paper and panel.

Monday, December 2, 2013

making turkey soup whilst 20 wild turkeys eat the remains of my sunflowers and pumpkins out the window

i was singing 'follow the heron home' quite loudly as i thought no one was here but the dogs and my kitchen birds when to my surprise i glanced out the window towards the land and what to my eyes did appear but 20 wild turkeys quite near!!


last year only 17 came on Oct one.

i am cooking the last of my thanksgiving turkey in the pot this very moment.

20 turkeys for 20 paintings hanging up in my show for dec. at the plum island coffee roasters.

today i have a half off sale on 4 featured paintings in my etsy shop annual CYBER monday sale.

Shine have Courage Dream and Believe in Yourself, Ask elementals to join with you and aid in your dreams coming true.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Remembering glints of why I became an artist


1979 with my boyfriend.  I HAD to go to Pittsburgh to the 3 Rivers Art Festival.  We wandered around.  I felt nauseous from the stimulation and information coming up inside of me.

I did not feel worthy enough yet to be an artist.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

smoothie for artist to paint in the morn

a tablespoon organic peanut butter

one third cup vanilla yogurt

2 slices fresh ginger

a teaspoon of cinnamon

some ice

half of a banana

some pear

some apple

some raw cranberries

blend in something like a ninja.

Friday, November 15, 2013

How I find out whether something is working or not

Whether it be a painting or another project I find out whether it works for me not by just thinking about it.  Thinking is fine, although there has to usually be some hands on for me to find out.

I get ideas for jewelry and mobiles every so often and I have spent considerable time thinking about them.  THen I begin the hands on component...and usually it fizzles out.  WHy?  because I think it is not the best value use of my time.  Painting is.  THats why I keep coming back to it.

Why do I spend so much time learning and playing music?  Because it opens me and frees me and elevates my energy so I can be a better person and painter.  And teaching piano and performing in Newburyport gets me out with people and enhances my life with love.  And people get to know me and say, "oh, she is a painter."

Why do I make my own dresses, well, skirts?  Because I can, and it fits in with left over paint and undyed fabric which is good because that means no toxic chemicals are getting dumped in CHina's water sources and Thailand and other places.  And i have to have something to wear over my tights.

Today is Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday (November 15, 1887).


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to view my Art

Taking time with a piece of art can instigate a conversation.

Especially whilst the piece was made with this intention.

It is an unique conversation.

Once I am done, that is when the R E A L conversations can happen with whoever is having the time to be with the painting.  Each conversation is different depending on who is having it.

Where ever one is, is the place to start in art. Daily sketching develops a language that is your very own.

 is it as simple as loving deeply all the time?

the point of making art for me is to become free.  free of fear. and free to love.

everything is in the All and the All is in everything and it responds to a giving out of LOVE...for love is a divine component of existence.  so, when I exercise my ability to love with the simple act of giving my love forth...and take a moment to receive is there. the love.

so painting helps me be open. and music also.  and the rest is practice.

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Life is My Art part one

My Life is My Art - one

Please click on above Link to be transported to a short video.

I hope to do more of these as time allows.  As I allow time.  They are to be in the moment vignettes under 2 minutes usually taken from my life and art process, recordings from my looper and cameras, so not to forget how great living is no matter even when it seems a bit much.  Still, the beauty is everywhere.  The clouds just now moving across the sky.  the light on the leaves of the trees.  my bologna, capers and cream cheese roll-ups for breakfast.

e. tobin e.


Coming together

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I am clearing the space between my cells.  My twin in Dreamland is lifting out the debris.

Jha da.  A story about Love & Power
By e. tobin eckian

I was going to put it on the back of my car license plate, the words Jha Da.  Instead I choose fear to put on.  The words had been coming to me. I didn’t trust it.  The words ‘Jha Da’  had been etched on the inside of my mind, my head and my heart that entire, night, week, lifetime.

Loved one.  Da,  to be loved,
  jha – I belong.
 Jha da – I belong in love,  Forever no matter what. 

I thought I was beautiful but the people didn’t talk to me. And one man placed his hands on my shoulders and when he looked in my face said there was something odd about the contour and layout of it and he seemed afraid and moved away.
I felt like an outcast.  And that feeling translated to an internal state where I left myself uninhabited and out of power.

I tried to leave the community, this place where people pretended to be what they were not, and they did not really care about anyone.  They all seemed to be striking a pose and were content with their lives looking right.  However they seemed to have no reserve of energy, a pool to take from in order to really connect with anyone or any real  anything.  I could be wrong though.  I mean about the people.  I can tend to jump to conclusions that look too much like condemnation.  I hate that about myself.

I went through my clothes, getting rid of most of them, looking for something to make me look better.
I was leaving this place.  This place of unacceptance, of ambilivalence, non caring, no engagement, nor exchange between one living thing and another.  Everything seemed sully and dull, a grey lack luster, a stagnant air settled everything into a frozen state of inertia. 
I left with a man in a car and who held my hand.  I looked over at him without turning my head, who was this guy?  How did I get here?  Where the heck are we going to?
Then the whole scene erased.  With the asking of these questions I had called myself back.  A kind of rewind or reset must have occurred for now I was somewhere else.   I was called back to myself.
I was called back to the playground.  And I went.
I followed a hopping game my little friend dressed in blue air was showing me.  I hopped over 140 times.  This felt much better, this playground playing type of activity. I had the thought that we were tapping our energy into the ground, that we had done this before somewhere.  Something was breaking free.  I felt freer.  I felt happier in my chest.  I had a play mate, a friend.  Someone I could share things with.

I showed her how I could swing high on the swing.  She nodded Uh Huh and seemed distracted all of a sudden as if something else was about to happen-  Something entirely different.
Then I was called to the gathering again.  There were those people again, only this time they had been planning and meeting and waiting for some great song to be done.   This is where all their energy had been tied too.  Maybe I really had been mistaken.  It was not about me at all and being ignored, the people had been somewhat set inside themselves intent on a new sound within a song that was coming.  They had been quietly listening for it.
They were focused on a man from California.  Oh I thought, whoopee do da, laa la la.  Really?  This  planning and scheming and waiting around for a big song to emerge was all centered around some person that was supposed to be so great and now everyone was gathered waiting for Him to come down from the song making quarters into the field to sing?

I can be so quick to judgment.    

Something unexpected happened then.

They came for ME.  The little girl now somewhat larger and still in a type of blue air dress was talking to me and saying HE was asking and waiting for ME.
That he had felt me before he came, that I was orange and he had been in California.
But I have no makeup on!? 
I attempted to put some pale spring green eye liner shadow on, but the messenger man and the girl I had played with (who did have nice green eye shadow on) beckoned me to come right away.

So I went.  (Because this how it happens in dreams sometimes).

I felt naked, had nothing but granny underwear on.  No thing else.  I walked past a table of the people.  They stared at me saying no thing.  I went up stairs.  There was someone in the bed.  Invisible yet the sheets moved over a shape.  There was a hand. To hold.
I felt warmth, support and acceptance. I leaned over the foot of the bed. There was music, a paper script hanging in the air.  I took a pencil and began filling in more notes.  I recognized this as my manuscript, one in which I thought was done. Yet now, with buoyant love and belonging I had ease and space inside myself to fill in more notes.
I said I needed my clothes from the dryer.  He said, go tell your woman helper (the one way back a couple days ago that ignored me and I told her she what I thought of her and she said I was really honest). 
I crept down the stairs and the doorway was only 5 inches wide so I put my hand out and tapped the wall and she came.
I told her I wished for my clean clothes.
I man came later to the other set of stairs and left the basket respectfully and quietly.  I had asked for the granny pants I had left on the dryer door and did not wear past the group of people.
I took out a red shawl and draped it over my left shoulder and made my way back happily to the bed.  My dog was trying to wake me up out of my other bed back on earth.  I told her to go lie down I had to see what was going to happen.  I went to the other side to see the man with the hand.  I thought we might embrace.  He slowly slipped out of sight. The energy remained.  I wondered what to do.   What had this all been building up to?  Whats the jif?  I got up and walked across the room to a shower, an extremely  high shower.  And as the droplets fell onto me I realized this was the steady stream of plasma like lava warmth ongoing falling into me never-ending.  It was connecting to my inner Ja Da.

I always was the Ja Da.  I had just lost the feeling connecting state of it.

The man disappeared inside of me.  The helpers, the ambivalent, everyone and everything, inside of me dissolved in ever sustaining and lasting feeling of Love.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kale Salad

Wow.  When I made this version of   kale salad  last week, I could hardly believe my good findings!

Here's how to make Kale Salad -


one big bunch or two of kale fresh from the market, stripped from the rib in the middle. (left in frig for more than 2 days it will wilt and not be good for fresh salad - it will have to be used for soups).

one lemon squeezed in.

1/4 cup less or more of olive oil

1.5 - 3 T balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon salt    (more or less - I like sea salt)

One small red onion sliced thinly (or too your liking)

1-2 carrots in peeled slices

a dash of cayenne

Marinate the carrot and red onion with the rest of the ingredients while waiting for the kale to dry a bit.

the magic is put in the kale and with your hands squeeze it a bit, it instantly softens and becomes easy to chew!!!   The fresher the Kale the more easily it softens.

ENjoy :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


upload by tobin eckian
upload, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

everything inspires me and goes into my painting during time passing. I often go throughout exploring my friend's art and their favorite photos until I am so full I can burst and then I go into my work. xo

Friday, March 22, 2013


ele by tobin eckian
ele, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

24 x 24 i am feeling the most freedom working on this thin birch panel.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

with nimbus

withnimbus2 by tobin eckian
withnimbus2, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

animals and elements and elementals are so important to me in my art world.

Friday, March 15, 2013


#workstation by tobin eckian
#workstation, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

Excited to be working on new 24 x 24 inch birch panel (thin thin thin easy to frame). and happy to report my wrist has recovered from over drumming and my gums are less sensitive (too much activity with new electric toothbrush) ~ so I am back to practicing Irish Fiddle again! - and going to see Kevin Burke in Dover, NH this next weekend to study and play with in session.

Also, new dolls from my art work seem to be making a good appearance ~ very excited about that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Process, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

gaining momentum i connect to what i know.  you might not know what i know and i might not say enough
about it, so....please ask me for more information if you would like it by making a comment on this blog.

I am finding my way with maps from journeys and sketches I have done on Median Earth and some other islands.  I bring my friends, the elementals (paladoir white horse, Haah-tUR kitty, plalsma chicken,  guardian elephant) to invite Connection -  an earth element, chakra 9, silver, appreciation, attention, acknowledgement and allowance. {stay tuned for a new website called "aurora earth"  that describes more about these kinds of things).  xo

from here, maybe i will make some 'babies' smaller panels that include the elementals in cameo positions.

I would like to buy an heat press and make small soft dolls from them also. (ps, i DID get a heat press.  Then I had to buy a new part for it, since although it was sold as NEW seemed like it was not --- so finally after months and months I am planning on rejuvenating my tshirt business - YES i used to have an actual TSHIRT shop right in the GAlleria in HARVARD sq, Cambridge. well as a handpainting of tshirt biz.....Now i am gearing up for children's shirts with
some of my animal illustrations and paintings)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ready for next step of. #elementals in landscapes

I keep coming back to landscapes and using images of animals and beings as elementals as connectors. This is true in my Life in general. I connect to the elementals and the elements to co create and make happen dreams.

Monday, January 7, 2013

3 things I learned from reading "art and fear"

1.  work on art that focuses on things that I care about.

2.  my job as an artist is to draw a straight line from my life to my art that is straight and clear.

3.  experience as an artist means  being able to get back at it as soon as I can, manuevering back into the process of repetition that works that i have found through countless years of trial and error.

thank you my life for the opportunity I have made to be an artist/musician as well as other things I shall not name here.