Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is the snow coming?

I am letting go of my wordpress website  

Where has all the snow gone this Winter?  There is talk of snow coming tonight and tomorrow.  I will have to ride my bike in it home from the Port Tavern after a three hour fiddle session.

On the fiddle and song list is now:

this weds:highball
glass of beer -the merry harriers 

tobins jig,  wall of lizcarroll into macs jig

maudabawn into lafferties

bach intro - little beggar boy, gravel walk to grannies.

battering ram, 6 penny into slieve russel

green groves of erin into into tam lin

summertime is coming trees are sweeting blooming wild mt thyme grows among the blooming heather.
the old man looks out to the island..... 

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