Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tobin's special Cranberry Sauce

Today I am making Fresh Cranberry Sauce


one bag fresh cranberries picked over for soft and squishy unacceptable berries

one cinnamon stick
small piece of fresh ginger (powdered if you must)
1 cup raw sugar (or any sweet substitute)
1 teaspoon powdered star anise

one cup water
zest of one orange

finish with juice of one orange.


1.  grate 1/4 inch or more of fresh ginger
2.  grate almost a whole orange peel, just the orange part not the white, pithy bitter part
3.  place on stick of cinnamon together in pot with -
1 cup water
the grated ginger and orange peel
1 teaspoon star anise powder
4.  bring water to boil then turn down to very low simmer for 7 - 10 mins.
5.  add cranberries with one cup sugar
6. turn heat up and boil until most of the cranberry popping has commenced, stirring every minute or so
7. after concoction has cooled, add juice of one orange.
(take out the cinnamon stick and place it where people can smell the sweet goodness of it).

keeps in frig or out on porch in the cold for 3 days.

very good for you. except for the sugar.

For added calories place one piece of lemon cake under the cranberries -

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  1. I LOVE synchronicities!!! I couldn't resist contributing another post to your recipe for yummy homemade cranberry sauce.

    Last night you were a bit taken back I had a 40something daughter. So after reading your post I thought that you would enjoy my daughter Brooke's blog.
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    Loved connecting with you.