The Sacred Hoop

The Sacred Hoop of Life through Art

I had written the words on the wall twelve years ago “the Sacred Hope of Soulfulness.”   After looking at it daily it is now starting to make sense to me what it means.  It is a circle no matter how big or small that surrounds me.  I create it through my own energy.  When I sit quietly I can play with the inner skin of the circle feeling a back flow, a bounce back of energy.  I sometimes think of it as a circle of love.  A constant flow out and flow in, a connected energy phenomenon. 
   In what I call “the Sacred Hoop” of everything, bringing oneself to bear in the world implies an activity, a dance or participation with the flow of energy we can simply call “Life.”  When we move our energy outward we can intend to feel it come back multiplied.  This can be done by loving something; yourself, a tree, the moment – and as that Love expressed moves out it somehow seems multiplied when allowing it to radiate back from a Hoop, a circle that surrounds.

Sacred Hoop Painting – how to increase back flow of the Love that goes out

   However one starts to express, there is an opportunity to engage with the world.  This engagement can occur simply by sitting and breathing expanding out around oneself and then taking the moment and using the senses to feel a back flow, or energy coming back towards the self in response to the outflow.
    This is happening with my painting.  It happens as I paint and it continues to occur once the painting is finished.  It can occur with a viewer and any painting I believe.  This is how I explain on how to view a painting, in a hoop –like, energy exchange that can also be seen as a type of conversation.
    My intention in painting is to let a joyful, loving and gracious posture to express through me and move out into the painting through the energy of my hands from the core of my being.  I let the energy continue into the paint and through the movement of the brush.  All of this is then contained within the painting. 
    As I paint I allow for this type of give and flow back to happen so I can sense the level of conservation of energy I hold and the balance of what the canvas is willing to hold.  This becomes a very real conversation.
    When I approach something, be it a tree, a person or a painting it is all very much the same thing.  I stand in my own core energy and sometimes move it out a bit in front of me and see what comes back.  This is very similar to what some cetaceans do with their toning and bats as well. 
     Letting and sensing a back flow of energy returning while giving this process a moment very much enriches and connects to all forms of creation.  It can be easy to forget it is there.  I have to be still enough and aware to receive it. 


Circle of houses by e. tobin eckian
In the following three images there is a type of sacred hoop I am describing.  Above is a sketch depicting an outflow  of energies.  The ring of dots is about the place where the energy might send a back flow as a person were to be in the center of the painting.  I can imagine and place myself in the center of this painting to feel a type of encryption that can reflect back either through a body sensation, an visual pressure on the eyes, a feeling in the outer body energy fields or a thought recoginition.  All of these are different ways to enter and sense into a painting and utilize the encryption set there in.
   The next painting called The Shiny Fox  is showing how an equal energy exchange with its environment through the Sacred Hoop concept.  The Fox is in the near center of the painting sending out rays of light sensing its environment.  Notice it is not sending lines of light directly to beings such as the larger orange and neither white fox bottom right nor the mermaid bottom left.  The light touches them in some cases although there is no interest in receiving energy from them in a sacred hoop backflow.  The energy from the Sacred Hoop comes from the interaction with the environment and the Spirit of the being sending out the energy. 
   The last painting is a mermaid in a very close Sacred Hoop.  This painting shows how the sacred hoop can be different sizes and can be quite close to the body.  Sometimes it is appropriate to pull energies close in and concentrate within a small area. 

The Shiny Fox  by  e tobin eckian
Mermaid and Close Sacred Hoop  by e tobin eckian

   How does one bring oneself to bear in this world?  Meaning, “to bear” how does one carry oneself and interact with one’s world?  And what happens when one does?  What is it that makes an individual feel an impulse to express – whether it is a thought, an emotion or a creation born of color, image, and words on paper or sound?  Here is an exercise on how to initiate your own kind of Sacred Hoop with your intention.  Later you might try it with a painting, or a song?  Another place I can sense this type of energy exchange is after practicing Yoga and then doing any kind of lying down pose to cool down and sense energy movement.  Sometimes this is called Samadhi.

Other Places the term “Sacred Hoop” is mentioned

The sacred hoop has been used to describe drum making, shamanism and Native American methodology.   In the book “Black Elk Speaks” he mentions this term.  There is even a magazine that has been published for many years that goes by this name.  The world is a circle, or many, many circles.  All of these circles are made of energy and consciousness and life interacts with like.  Love with Love, gratitude with gratitude, joy to joy.  This is the Hoop.  It is how we connect.   And that is why the hoop is so important. 

Recipe for Happiness

Sit inside your own Sacred Hoop of Everything
Place yourself in a state of gratitude by appreciating something with all your might
Let that energy extend out to a Circle/Hoop any diameter small or large around you
And allow it to radiate love, gratitude and appreciation back


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