Friday, December 6, 2013

Thinking about why I paint and how it might matter to You

Nature in the form of animals, land, atoms, even virtues like grace are who I call to me with my hand and my heart and mind to move like the wind between the spaces of atoms and smaller bits in the painting.  These are the things that come together to create manifest conglomerates, substance, food, a house, a new pair of shoes.  We send out and in the thought and the energy of atoms begin to aggregate around the thought...and soon enough sometimes longer....the thing appears.

Now how it appears is what is fun.  Often it comes in a way not planned nor expected.  Sometimes it just plain drops in front of you.  Like my new set of snow tires.  Ok, the wish was sent out over 2 years ago for the tires....there really is no way yet I have been able to do the Math.  The simple reply for all of this is,  Thank You.

Why then would a painting have anything to do with manifest reality?   Because the way it was created was through the exact same intention of working fairly large at times, calling in the goodness of creation, participating in the dance, and letting a story unfold.

For a person to appreciate any one of my paintings would mean they had an inclination to do the same in their own life.  To connect and cull from Nature, to live in appreciation and gratitude of everything, to manifest dreams and desires.  to Love, to be free.

So you and me, are very much alike  - that is, in that you can see and appreciate my marks on paper and panel.

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