Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Wishing Paintings

I am making a new series of collage paintings called 'the wishing paintings.'   they are made especially for certain wishes a person might make.

Right now it is about nyc and how great Central Park is.  It is called "wishing love on Central Park."

I have yet to find out what the next wishing painting is about.  I am stretching a canvas right now and know I will use some of my sketches to go into it.  I am waiting to see what it is will be the wish.

A reminder, anytime you might see one of my pieces and 'wish' to have one.  Especially to continue the wishing that the painting might be inspiring - write me a note by going to my shop  and clicking under my cat icon the little blue box that says


and we can play the 'would you take this amount for the painting?'  game.


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