Tuesday, November 20, 2012

no second guessing - please

digital painting
glue onto panel or canvas
acrylic paint
varnish for shine and to protect for centuries

This has been the ball of wax I had developed over 15 years ago that I have been perfecting and coming back to.

Have I ?   yes, done countless experiments on other surfaces, different paints, different subject matter,....la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa.

Here is me not second guessing {again} :

1.  K N OW    my materials are at hand as well my subject matter.

2.  A L L O W   recyclings of imagings and sketches old bits of paintings.

3.  T R U S T    i now have what it takes to form and reform images into the 'right' balance in a painting.

Thats a wrap on the K  A T.

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