Monday, November 26, 2012

my collage paintings are sketches in relationship

really, this is what my work is about now ----------------->

A Celebration of Life.

i have heard often that art is about self expression.  although self expression how?  who is this self?  are there other selves beyond this self?  which self is interacting with the materials?

what about nature?  the real, tangible stuff like the forces of nature, the elements and the building blocks, the chemicals.  the qualities behind the elements and elementals - the Virtues?

what about my relationship to time in a painting?

my relationship to the world?

and to others?

and then these sketches.  they all seem more valuable when in relationship to other ones.  like a story being told.

the sketches come about in the doing mostly.  in the nowest point in time.
then they congregate, conglomerate, congeal, gather and some of them to relate the most basic virtues in life:

strength, balance, poise timing
clarity, purity, compassion and kindness
sincerely, honesty, dignity, respect
contemplation, meditation, source awareness and self awareness
charity, chasity, reverence, service
gratitude, prudence, generosity, perserverence
resolve, articulation, deep listening, economy of speech
commitment, mindfulness, responsibility, practice
attention, appreciation, allowance, acknowledgement
affection, equality, regard, reverent rejoicing
cleanliness, sobriety, restraint, discretion, resolve, release, trust, confidence
grace, eloquence, patience and humility.

(from the wheel of the virtues Man-dha'-Lic Shield - E'aysha April 2011)

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