Monday, November 26, 2012

my collage paintings are sketches in relationship

really, this is what my work is about now ----------------->

A Celebration of Life.

i have heard often that art is about self expression.  although self expression how?  who is this self?  are there other selves beyond this self?  which self is interacting with the materials?

what about nature?  the real, tangible stuff like the forces of nature, the elements and the building blocks, the chemicals.  the qualities behind the elements and elementals - the Virtues?

what about my relationship to time in a painting?

my relationship to the world?

and to others?

and then these sketches.  they all seem more valuable when in relationship to other ones.  like a story being told.

the sketches come about in the doing mostly.  in the nowest point in time.
then they congregate, conglomerate, congeal, gather and some of them to relate the most basic virtues in life:

strength, balance, poise timing
clarity, purity, compassion and kindness
sincerely, honesty, dignity, respect
contemplation, meditation, source awareness and self awareness
charity, chasity, reverence, service
gratitude, prudence, generosity, perserverence
resolve, articulation, deep listening, economy of speech
commitment, mindfulness, responsibility, practice
attention, appreciation, allowance, acknowledgement
affection, equality, regard, reverent rejoicing
cleanliness, sobriety, restraint, discretion, resolve, release, trust, confidence
grace, eloquence, patience and humility.

(from the wheel of the virtues Man-dha'-Lic Shield - E'aysha April 2011)

Friday, November 23, 2012

the story boards.

The wish paintings. once committed to turned into something else the very next day.  This seems the way in creative commitments. there are many.  Each moment requires that level of focus and then the next piece is
there and grace comes to help ease the letting go of it all.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Wishing Paintings

I am making a new series of collage paintings called 'the wishing paintings.'   they are made especially for certain wishes a person might make.

Right now it is about nyc and how great Central Park is.  It is called "wishing love on Central Park."

I have yet to find out what the next wishing painting is about.  I am stretching a canvas right now and know I will use some of my sketches to go into it.  I am waiting to see what it is will be the wish.

A reminder, anytime you might see one of my pieces and 'wish' to have one.  Especially to continue the wishing that the painting might be inspiring - write me a note by going to my shop  and clicking under my cat icon the little blue box that says


and we can play the 'would you take this amount for the painting?'  game.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

no second guessing - please

digital painting
glue onto panel or canvas
acrylic paint
varnish for shine and to protect for centuries

This has been the ball of wax I had developed over 15 years ago that I have been perfecting and coming back to.

Have I ?   yes, done countless experiments on other surfaces, different paints, different subject matter, la la la laaaaaaaaaaa.

Here is me not second guessing {again} :

1.  K N OW    my materials are at hand as well my subject matter.

2.  A L L O W   recyclings of imagings and sketches old bits of paintings.

3.  T R U S T    i now have what it takes to form and reform images into the 'right' balance in a painting.

Thats a wrap on the K  A T.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


H E L L O  ! ! ! !

Does anything  suit your fancy in my shop?   - see over to right hand side -------------->

I have recently joined my own imaginary international energy exchange program where you can talk to me about a price that comes into your head and feels true and then I will communicate back to you about whether it feels right to me.

This way of doing business is based on the law of equal energy exchange. {E E E }

Somehow in my mind everything {energy}  balances out.

all art is priceless. A L L ART no matter who does it when, where and how.

MARKET VALUE is the amount anyone is willing to pay for a piece of art.

addendum:  Hear say that 'serious' artists spend more time than 'random acts of art' artists usually on painting.  IT is a type of commitment to the process of being an artist.  Does this aggregate in karmic points of energy on the scale of more worth?  That's a good question.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I have to become empty and DO do do

which do you like better?  the goat with or without the white animal bears?
trying too hard can be the death of art.  on which thing was i trying too hard?  can you tell?

Friday, November 9, 2012


n0v9 by tobin eckian
n0v9, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

In the land of paint and not the land of marketing and selling is a different place to be in, where magic happens.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sew what?

I had 2 sewing machines. I thought I 'must' use them in my work to make something for my etsy shop and CHameleon gallery. This one is a Christmas present. How could I not incorporate it into my Work??

Today I put the sewing machine somewhat away from the painting table at the farm. Working on a vest from a too big sweatshirt.

The machine in the Town I will use to make a rug from my boys old blue jeans. And then, some nice skirts for me that I have figured out the design for using an old tshirt for the hip part and ruffles made by pulling two bask thread lines.


nov8 by tobin eckian
nov8, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

when i remove all the things i was doing to distract from the feeling of uncomfortable of making more paintings, possibly, seemingly meaningless, even tho i KNOW that everything leads to everything...

then i stop making little messes and go back to the canvas with my sketches and begin AGAIN!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


holidaycandle by tobin eckian
holidaycandle, a photo by tobin eckian on Flickr.

I made this year's holiday card on the fly without realizing I was doing that.

"may your Spirit be bright" during this Holiday Season.

x tob