Friday, September 21, 2012

friday ~ seasons change

the colors are starting to turn and startle me.  I will not give up my peace however.

I dusted off my globe that was a Christmas present from my parents in 1972 to be used in aiding my new paintings which are a type of travel blog meets elementals and elements of earth, water, air and fire.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

what i like

the sights and smells of turning into Fall ~  

soup when the chill tickles my nose ~ my first in making an 'egg drop' soup!

making charms for a charm bracelet  ~

Painting maps based on the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire that I make up:

Friday, September 14, 2012

When I am where I am supposed to be

Settling down.  I had written this poem 3 weeks ago about the events in my Life:

 Whilst come shifting tides
and sand sculpting the landscapes
into new shapes

both homes say 'different now!'
now "shake yer feet"
come down again
- Trust-
a new terrain.

Everything is new.
you will
you can
you have found your way
into something built in clay.

Settling down
like light, light snow
like the kind that falls on leaves
old pathway
new tracks
I go as quietly as I can
I go.
I have to go.

So this is where I've been
under the weather?
storms at sea.
folded sails.

opening again
to see

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Bear Dream

I watched as the bear went up to a couple houses adjacent to my family's home.  He was looking for a winter bed, his name, Goldilocks.

We lived out in the fields and woods, but for him, it felt like a city full of thought-forms that crammed closely as city buildings, the crisscross of multiple power lines all saying "should."  Every door was shut to him because he was a bear in a neighborhood not fit for a bear.

"Why, my radar says three-hundred years ago my ancestors slept here?"

Everything changes.  What does not change?  The eternal integrity of the ever present spark of original divine blueprint.  That is what does not change.

I am the bear.  When I do not find a place to be free of static electricity then I turn on myself with claws in the air ready to pounce down and crush my very beingness.

morel mushrooms are a delicacy I wish I could find  in the wild to eat.

The morel moral of this story is:

Be kind to what I have now while imaging everything, every little bit having a place in probability twelve. (even when that place is the recycling center ).

What is probability twelve?  It is a feeling.

I have begun writing my stories now that I am back on the farm as my base.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where I keep my items for sale now

Where I keep my items for sale now  ON My Beloved FLICKR Site.

Etsy has been fun. {don't GET me wrong!}

However, it is the type of playfulness that after 7 years+  starts to eat away at some of my quantum.  Although I still might keep my etsy shop ~ with new items........the vote is still out.

You can also visit me to touch some of the art that really exists.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Land Rose up to Sing to Me this Morning

I am a co creator with Source and it helps to send my energy vertically.  Beauty is like a force or a virtue.  My intention is to generate the vision of beauty.

Items offered for sale  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the last day of august

Where was my life supposed to be?  Is it here on SingingLand still? (question already  answered in previous post about 'what I like about camping.') Less days in Newburyport, more days here.  Here where I used to start my days, every morning except maybe one - by this window.

I have lived here longer than anywhere else during my current lifetime. 16 years I have lived on the farm in NH.  I have moved 18 times.

One Reason I Like Camping

I like to use the same eating utensil over and over again.  When I go camping that is what it is like;  The same cup, fork, spoon and knife.

I have seen myself until very recently as a camper in my life.  I travel back and forth from New Hampshire to Newburyport.  In the city I have one special silver spoon that I use and a silver fork that has a hole in the handle.

Yet when it really comes down to it.  I am through with this type of camping lifestyle.  I am ready to move back to the farm where I belong.  Where I can have chickens again.  and Bees.  (does anyone out there have any spare bee hive parts to get me started?).

New Fire Pit ~