Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the outdoor tyvek worked, what else is going on?

yes.  I say to ritual morning blog posts.  I can always add photos later when more moveable. finding camera, remembering what is useful to post -  I placed some instagrams on facebook and twitter from my phone.

I did make a successful tyvek painting. (insert photo).  Right now it is wrapped around a tree on the farm.  It might look better hung between two copper poles.  It also could use a coat or two of fixative.

this is how blogs work:  you write something, and then add the tags somewhere at the bottom I am hoping, can not see bottom from here and forget how blogger works.  then when people do a search for 'tyvek' or 'painting on tyvek'  which I did when wondering about painting on it - my blog comes up in google search and then maybe someone clicks on my blog and sees something that sparks them and they get in touch with me in newburyport or actually visit my etsy site - and voila, a connection is made!

it is too foggy to glue anything today so the large 20 inch drum will have to wait for repairs in becoming the next 'map' canvas - I am creating a series of maps.

I am working on a new series of mobiles, a new kind of quilt, and my ongoing watercolors.